Monitor anyone's WhatsApp Number.

How to  Monitor anyone's WhatsApp Number.


Whatsdog app (download from ). Victim should be a WhatsApp user.An android phone for monitoring with active Internet connection.


1.Download the app Whatsdog.

Whatsdog is app which free for download as well as to use.

2.Install the anf then Open it.

3.Select the google account which you want to use for registration in the app.

4. Enter the victims WhatsApp number with appropriate country code . (If your country name don't appears then it's your bad luck )

5. Click enter and proceed.

6. That's done, you will get notified when the victim opens his WhatsApp app and the dara will be updated with offline entry.


Withthe above mentioned trick you can check the opening and closing activities of victim.
This works even when the victim plays any WhatsApp tricks.