Hide IP Address In PC & Smartphone

How To Hide IP Address In Smartphone.

Why people hide their IP address:
  •  To hide their geographical location.
  • Prevent Web tracking.
  • Avoid leaving a digital footprint.
  • Bypass blocked sites on their IP address.

     Note:- Hiding ip address doesn’t means that no one can track you, so use this method at your own risk.

How To Hide IP Address In Smartphone

           The method is very simple and depends on some of the tools that provides you the virtual private network that allow you to hides your current network details for the temporary time. So for both the PC and smartphone you will be using the VPN services and will hide your IP address for your security.

Hiding IP Address In Android

Here you will be using a vpn app that will allow you to hide your current ip address and that will change the address that currently being displayed on the network to which you are connected. Just use the app that had given below.

Hideman VPN Free For Androidhideman vpn

Use this vpn in your android and hide ip address easily.


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