How to root Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (duos)

Samsung Galaxy core 2(duos)(SM-G355H) - Root


Samsung galaxy core 2 device
Rooting file (download it )


1. Download the above mentioned fille in yoour computer/directly to the device.
2. Copy it to the external memory card card of your device.
3. After copying it,switch of you phone by pressing the power key.
4. Once it gets switched of completely remove the back and remove the battery and place it again in right method.
5. now reboot the device in recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume+ key then Home button and power key alltogether.
6. You can see a menu appeared, you can navigate through this menu by using volume + and volume- keys and by pressing power key to select an item.
7. hight light the Install zip from SD card option and select it by pressing the power key.
8. Select the file you have downloaded from the above link and press the power key.
9. And your phone will be restared and it is a rooted android Samsung Galaxy core 2(duos)(SM-G355H) phone now.

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