How to Download APK directly to the PC

How to Download APK directly to the PC 💻 from play store via Google Chrome.


1. Open Google chrome.
2. Search "chrome apps".
3. Go to Google's chrome app store.
4. In store search for " APK Downloader".
5. Select and install the first one.
6. A new tab will open 🚪 showing you the app settings IF NOT go to settings and select the "Extensions" tan from the left side tabs and click on the app settings of previously installed/added app.
7. A new tab asking for your Google account details will appear.
8. Fill each detail of your account (true details not fake),except "Device ID".
9. Now in your phone 📱 go to play store and install the app "Device ID"  .
10. Open the app and you will get your device's ID.(your same Google account must be logged in for smooth functioning)
11. Enter the device ID accurately in the form on PC.
12.Press enter.Done
13. If any thin goes wrong 👎 make sure each step is correctly followed OR mention it in the comments.

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