Download videos from YouTube on PC and mobile.

How to download any vedio from YouTube and other related vedio websites.
The method for downloading vedio differs from device to device.

For s PC user:

1. Download the vedio downloading software from here.

2. Make sure you have an active Internet connection it can mobiledata OR a broadband connection  (preferred broadband connection ).
3. Open the software.
4. Open your browser and go to
5. Click any vedio and copy the vedios URL i.e the address.
6. In the software Click on Paste button at the left down corner.
7. Wait for the software to verify your link.
8. After verified you will see your vedios prewiew and then click on the DOWNLOAD button at right down corner.
9. And your vedio is downloaded.
10. You can change the format of it also.
11. You will find it in your vedio library.

The method for a Android device is as follows:

An excellent software/app for android fordownloading YouTube vedio is Tubemate.
Therearemanydifferentversionsof the software are available on the Internet ,but the original and trusted one fromthe official website here.
A version of it is also available on our website DOWNLOAD.

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  1. I'm using a tubemate app. Download Tubemate 2.2.7 free application is the best YouTube video downloader. Thank you for sharing.